Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Philosophy

I believe in the creation theory. Only I don’t think it’s a theory, I say it’s a fact. I choose to believe that we don’t come from monkeys.

Why do I believe this? Because the first chapter in the first book of the Bible tells me where I came from…and it’s not from monkeys! We were created by God. Because He loves us.

The world is to awesome to be made just by chance, or randomly. Somebody had to set things in motion. Earth didn’t just happen to explode into a big ball of rock and lava. Water didn’t just happen to appear on the said rock and lava.

**If the big bang theory is real, then okay, but where did the gases come from that made the big bang? If evolution is real, then okay! But where did the small germ things come from, that turned into other things that turned into a monkey that turned into us???**


( How could all of that just happen?? )


**I do not believe in the big bang theory. Or evolution.**

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a story about a young girl who was an orphan and lived with her Uncles family. her uncle died, leaving her with her mean aunt and her children. Her aunt never liked her, and lets her children (John, Eliza and Georgiana) are allowed to be completely terrible to Jane without consequences. The trouble starts when, John was being really mean and Jane retaliates. She gets in trouble but he does not. through a series of events Jane is sent to a school for girls. There she makes a friend named Helen. She makes the school interesting, And comforts Jane whenever she is feeling down. Mr. brocklehurst (the main guy at the school) is rich but yet he makes the students stay in cold damp rooms. Soon sickness comes to the school, and even though Jane doesn't get sick, Helen does. She dies in Jane's arms:(. after, a few nice, wealthy people donate money to help make a better school building. Jane completes her school years there and even teaches for a while. She then later becomes a governess of thornfield to teach a young french girl. She then meets a nice man named Mr. Rochester. they spend lots of time together. Then she receives word, from her aunt, that her cousin John committed suicide, and she had a heart attack and asks for Jane. Her aunt doesn't want to make nice, but she gives her a letter from her uncle that her aunt withheld from her, stating that her was gonna leave Jane all his money upon his death. She then returns to thorn field, and tells Mr. rochester that she loves him, and in return he proposes to her. After a month of courting, she has an incident where this girl comes in and rips her wedding veil in half. During their wedding, a man and his lawyer say Mr rochester cannot marry jane because He is already married. He admits it, and tells jane that his wife is a madwoman, and he keeps her in an attic. He wants to move to france but she refuses since they cannot be husband and wife. she then leaves thornfield. She leaves her money behind by accident. she then lives as a poor person barely surviving until she meets the River's. they are two sisters and a brother. Jane becomes friends with the sisters, but the brother(whos name is St. John) is quiet and reserved. They eventually are able to speak easily, and he asks her to help at his place. She accepts. He learns who she really is and that she is rich, and reveals that her uncle is also his uncle. She is so very happy to have a family. she was going to go to india with him, but has to see Mr. rochester first. she finds his house burned down. she asks what happened and someone tells her that Rochesters crazy wife burned the house down and jumped from the roof, killing herself. Rochester saves the servants, but looses and hand and his eyesight. They are reunited, and get married and have a son.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Over the last two weeks, My parents and I had our vacation. We pretty much went everywhere. We went to Valley forge.[[there happens to be a million deer there]] We went to the Franklin Museum in Philly. We went to D.C. and went to a couple of the museums there and saw the Washington monument and the Lincoln monument. We also spent 3 days at my Grandmothers house. But sadly it did lack Me staying up late and sleeping in....Isn't that what vacations are for? No school related stuff, sleeping in, staying up late. HA! Not for me. I'm pretty sure the latest I slept in to was 9 o clock..maybe 9:30. Hmm...I wanted to have more music on My MP3 player before we went...oh at the moment all I have on my MP3 player music wise is a Paramore CD and Jonas brothers CD...kinda sad isn't it? But how is this related to our vacation? Ah well my parents like to talk or whatever, so they don't listen to music in the car so I have to listen to the same thing over and over on my MP3 player....hmm not much different to the radio I guess....FM 97 plays the same like ten songs all the time...OH and that's another thing! Do other places outside of the Lancaster area not have radio stations???? I never seem to be able to get music any where else on the radio...well there was the one time Me and My sister were coming home from Indiana and We got country music....the rest was all fuzzy...haha that's the first time We heard honky tonkbadonkadonk...but anyway...yea I like music....I'm actually listening to a play list of mine at this very moment.....its music from WJTL...I figure that's school appropriate? Oh well....My Moms gonna read this and be like "your not supposed to listen to anything but classical"...but isn't Christan music good too??...well I guess Skillet isn't to Good to help concentration...But yeaaa i totally got off subject....We had a totally rad oops the 80's called they want their word back :P
lol figure that one out!