Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A little something that i did for school:)

How did the appeal of the world mentioned in 1st John 2:16 relate to the appeal of the forbidden fruit?

The way they are related is The appeal of the fruit and the appeal of the world wasn't made by God. The temptations and appeal to UN-Godly things are presented by Satan. Satan is always around the corner waiting to tempt us to do things that would disappoint God. He want to screw us up and get us to turn away from Jesus. His whole life is trying to mess with us and the world.

And how is all this connected to Jesus' temptation in Luke chapter 4?

The story in Luke is the one about Jesus in the desert fasting when along comes Satan and he tries to mess up Jesus. But Jesus wasnt having it and He told Satan to back off.

The way its all connected is Satan tries to mess EVERYONE up. He even had the nerve to try and mess with Jesus! He doesnt know the meaning of limits and will do ANYTHING to mess you up.

So just stay with Jesus and tell Him when Satan tries to mess with you and Jesus will take care of him. He doesnt want you to stumble just because Satan is a jerk who doesnt know when to give up.

So whenever you have bad thoughts or do something you arent exactly proud of, pray to God and He will take care of it...and in the end He will take care of that Looser Satan.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little women

Little Women is a story about four young girls during the civil war dealing with their growth to womanhood. Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg are struggling with their mother to keep food on the table while their father is away as a doctor for the soldiers. Together they deal with growing up, love, death, new friends, new experiences, heartbreak and forgiveness. Jo was the tomboy of the family and often thought it would be easier if she was a boy. The rest were dignified young ladies that were usually on their best behavior. They all were Strong and Dependant.

It's a very good book...especially if you want some good role models.

I liked it because its relatable to almost every girl no matter what time period. The girl I am most like I believe is Jo.
It was a very good book except for one part. Some of the characters didnt marry the right people in the end **cough**Jo and Laurie**cough**.
other then that it was reaalllyyy good:]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Hiding Place

Okay, so i just read a book a week or so ago. That book was "The hiding place". And my mom wants me to write a sort of a review about the book. So I will do the best I can, since I don't exactly know how to write a proper review I'll just write a little bit about the plots and what I liked and whatnot.

The hiding place is a book about a lady named Corrie ten Boom. She was a middle aged woman during the world war 2. She lived in Holland with her father and sister Betsie. Her father was a clock maker, and since she never fell in love and did not get married she lived and helped in the home above the shop. The building was called a Beje [bay-yay]. For a while she lived a pretty normal and quiet life. That is, until a shop across the street was raided by German soldiers because the owner was Jewish. She brought him in and made a call to her brother wilem who was hiding Jews and finding places for them to live. This was her first encounter with the "underground" and organization that helped Jews. She began asking her brother to help more and more until he couldn't anymore. So she took his place and the little Beje became the center of an entire organization in the underground that reached all over Holland. She was doing good, until she and a bunch of other people got in trouble by falling into a trap set by the Germans. They arrested her and her sister and everyone else in the beje at the time. She went to a local prison where she had a few roommates for a little while but was then sent to solitary. The food was bad, she wore the same clothes for months, and she started talking to ants. On the night of Hitlers birthday all the guards went out to celebrate and the prisoners took that to their advantage to learn about other people in the prison. Corrie learned that some of her family was released, her sister betsie was down the hall and sadly her father died 10 days into being at the prison. The guards then moved everyone at that prison to a few different prisons and finally to a concentration camp. Even though all of this bad has happened to corrie ten boom she tried to look at positive even though she wasn't able to find positive in the situations all the time. She survived the war but again sadly, her sister betsie did not.

I liked this book, because I like history and true stories. Corrie ten Boom was brave and stood for what she believed in. She even witnessed to her fellow prisoners about God whenever she could. She kept faith in God even through her hardest struggles.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

popcorn rocks

Okay so my dad is a truck driver and he goes all over the country and even to Canada sometimes he brings back something interesting. A week or so ago he brought home these rocks called popcorn rocks, and what happens is, you put the rock in a jar and cover it with white vinegar and then after a while it actually gets bigger. Well my mom and i put one of them in today and its already grown quite a bit. Soo i thought that was sorta interesting.
Not a whole lot has happened lately...its actually starting to feel a little bit like fall so that's nice. Fall is my favorite season because it isn't to cold or to hot and i like the leaves when they change color. I also like thanksgiving and Halloween [thanksgiving 'cause i get to see family and Halloween 'cause of the candy]. Oh and school just started for a lot of people...not me though i started a few weeks ago...actually my one friend Ashley doesn't start until next Tuesday so shes lucky.
Well that's all for now,
P.S. I'll keep y'all posted on the rocks i guess=]