Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little women

Little Women is a story about four young girls during the civil war dealing with their growth to womanhood. Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg are struggling with their mother to keep food on the table while their father is away as a doctor for the soldiers. Together they deal with growing up, love, death, new friends, new experiences, heartbreak and forgiveness. Jo was the tomboy of the family and often thought it would be easier if she was a boy. The rest were dignified young ladies that were usually on their best behavior. They all were Strong and Dependant.

It's a very good book...especially if you want some good role models.

I liked it because its relatable to almost every girl no matter what time period. The girl I am most like I believe is Jo.
It was a very good book except for one part. Some of the characters didnt marry the right people in the end **cough**Jo and Laurie**cough**.
other then that it was reaalllyyy good:]