Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A little something that i did for school:)

How did the appeal of the world mentioned in 1st John 2:16 relate to the appeal of the forbidden fruit?

The way they are related is The appeal of the fruit and the appeal of the world wasn't made by God. The temptations and appeal to UN-Godly things are presented by Satan. Satan is always around the corner waiting to tempt us to do things that would disappoint God. He want to screw us up and get us to turn away from Jesus. His whole life is trying to mess with us and the world.

And how is all this connected to Jesus' temptation in Luke chapter 4?

The story in Luke is the one about Jesus in the desert fasting when along comes Satan and he tries to mess up Jesus. But Jesus wasnt having it and He told Satan to back off.

The way its all connected is Satan tries to mess EVERYONE up. He even had the nerve to try and mess with Jesus! He doesnt know the meaning of limits and will do ANYTHING to mess you up.

So just stay with Jesus and tell Him when Satan tries to mess with you and Jesus will take care of him. He doesnt want you to stumble just because Satan is a jerk who doesnt know when to give up.

So whenever you have bad thoughts or do something you arent exactly proud of, pray to God and He will take care of it...and in the end He will take care of that Looser Satan.