Tuesday, September 1, 2009

popcorn rocks

Okay so my dad is a truck driver and he goes all over the country and even to Canada sometimes he brings back something interesting. A week or so ago he brought home these rocks called popcorn rocks, and what happens is, you put the rock in a jar and cover it with white vinegar and then after a while it actually gets bigger. Well my mom and i put one of them in today and its already grown quite a bit. Soo i thought that was sorta interesting.
Not a whole lot has happened lately...its actually starting to feel a little bit like fall so that's nice. Fall is my favorite season because it isn't to cold or to hot and i like the leaves when they change color. I also like thanksgiving and Halloween [thanksgiving 'cause i get to see family and Halloween 'cause of the candy]. Oh and school just started for a lot of people...not me though i started a few weeks ago...actually my one friend Ashley doesn't start until next Tuesday so shes lucky.
Well that's all for now,
P.S. I'll keep y'all posted on the rocks i guess=]